“ If there is someone who has really lifted body painting to an artform, I have just found her in French artist Nelly Recchia.”
Auke Veenstra The Art of Love
“ There are many body painters but there is only one Nelly Recchia whose body art is the incarnation of elegance. Her work definitely is the Haute Couture of body painting.”
Cecile Chebanse Ultime Beauté
“ Nelly is one of the most talented artists and visionaries of our time.Awe inspiring describes the feeling you experience when you gaze upon her works of art. She paints masterpieces with impeccable precision,details, composition and a vivid imagination.”
Eugenia Weston Founder of Senna Cosmetics
Born and raised in France and multi award winner in International makeup and Body Art competitions, Nelly Recchia moved to Los Angeles where she is collaborating on music videos, editorials, commercials and fine art photography with Katy Perry, Dita Von teese, Kelis, Static X, Marilyn Manson Britney Spears, Vogue, Wired magazine... just to name of few.
Nelly's work is achieved only by the magic of her brushes.
None of her body paintings are the result of computer manupulation.